Diesel Anti Smoke significantly reduces exhaust smoke and unpleasant knocking of all stationery and mobile diesel engines. The product ensures perfect lubrication of all moving parts within the diesel system and therefore provides a clean and powerful combustion. Protects the complete system against corrosion.


Fill directly into the diesel tank.

  • Consumption
    150 ml for 60 ltr. diesel
  • Reaction Time
    While engine is running
Content 1505Ml 5Ltr 10Ltr 20Ltr 200Ltr
PU 24 PC 4 PC 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
ART.NO C2151 C2152 C2158 C2157 C2155
  • Content: PU
  • 1505Ml: 24 PC
  • 5Ltr: 4 PC
  • 10Ltr: 1 PC
  • 20Ltr: 1 PC
  • 200Ltr: 1 PC
  • Content: ART.NO
  • 1505Ml: C2151
  • 5Ltr: C2152
  • 10Ltr: C2158
  • 20Ltr: C2157
  • 200Ltr: C2155