COM-TEC Fuel Line Cleaner removes operational spills and sticky residue in the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chambers. It solves adhesions in carburetor- and injector area and carbon residues and soot deposits in the entire upper cylinder area. Moisture and condensation are removed from the entire fuel system. Simultaneously the upper cylinder area will be lubricated and protected. COM-TEC Fuel System Cleaner causes a noticeable fuel economy, improved engine power, protection against rust and corrosion and reduces harmful exhaust. The PCV valve performance is held upright.


Suitable for all petrol powered engines. Motor vehicles, motorcycles and other high performance engines (e.g. ships and boats, Go-Karts, racing motors, lawn mowers, etc.)


Add to the fuel system. Observe mixing ratio! Use it every 3-4 months, at latest at the next service. For best results use cleaning device Clearflow (34011/ For professional use only)

  • Consumption
    375 Ml sufficient for up to 80 ltrs fuel. Mix Ratio 1:200
  • Reaction Time
    Works while driving
Content 375Ml 1000Ml 5Ltr 10Ltr 20Ltr 200 Ltr
PU 28 PC 12 PC 4 PC 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
  • Content: PU
  • 375Ml: 28 PC
  • 1000Ml: 12 PC
  • 5Ltr: 4 PC
  • 10Ltr: 1 PC
  • 20Ltr: 1 PC
  • 200 Ltr: 1 PC
  • Content: ART.NO
  • 375Ml:
  • 1000Ml:
  • 5Ltr:
  • 10Ltr:
  • 20Ltr:
  • 200 Ltr: