Reduces friction, facilitates the gear changing operation and supports the preservation of gaskets and seals, by helping to keep them supple. This results in smoother shifting of gears and in a prolonged life span. The redeposition of resins and similar soilings is delayed.

  • lncreases the life span of the automatic transmission – the oxidation is slowed
  • Reduces friction, operating and maintenance costs
  • Optimum lubrication is guaranteed
  • lmproved power output
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Extends the oil change intervals

Our product is suitable for all automatic transmissions and automatic transmission fluids.


Simply add to transmissions.
Reduce the refill of auto transmission fluid by the contents of the can.


Add the Automatic Transmission Conditioner to the new automatic transmission fluid.

  • Consumption
    375 Ml sufficient for one passenger car
  • Reaction Time
    Works while driving
Content 375Ml 1000Ml 5Ltr 10Ltr 20Ltr 200 Ltr
PU 28 PC 12 PC 4 PC 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
  • Content: PU
  • 375Ml: 28 PC
  • 1000Ml: 12 PC
  • 5Ltr: 4 PC
  • 10Ltr: 1 PC
  • 20Ltr: 1 PC
  • 200 Ltr: 1 PC
  • Content: ART.NO
  • 375Ml:
  • 1000Ml:
  • 5Ltr:
  • 10Ltr:
  • 20Ltr:
  • 200 Ltr: